Navigating Bridges

River Bridge

If you enjoy wildlife then you will be awash with water based and country animals. Arguably, there is no better way than enjoying a memorable holiday on the waterways and canals. In the UK alone there are literally hundreds of miles of beautiful waterways for you to enjoy.

Many waterways offer canal boating, sailing or cruising holidays. Some allow fishing or water sports such as water skiing etc. What ever the type of boating holiday you are seeking you are bound be able to create a memorable holiday for your, your friends and family.

There are boat hire centres located all around the country and you can book your holiday using our interactive map. So why not book a great holiday today - choose from the rolling hills of Wiltshire, the drama and myth of Loch Ness and Scotland's Great Glen. Choose canals if you want to enjoy using locks, or the Norfolk Broads for a lock free cruising holiday Canals and rivers are wonderfully beautiful places and can be best enjoyed from the water

You will probably have to negotiate a variety of bridges on boating holiday. Negotiating bridges is safe as long as you follow a few common sense rules:

Keep safe navigating through bridges

Watch your height

Make sure you know the height of your boat and also the clearance for the bridge. On some boats you will need to tackle the bridge at low tide. Many bridges have depth guages at the side so you can see the height of the river. If your boat has windscreens that can be lowered you should do this if you are close to your height limit

Bridge Navigation

Navigate the correct part of the bridge

Follow the directions given at the bridge. Some bridges will have warning lights indicating when it is safe to pass, others tell you where it is safe to go.

The bridge pictured shows that it is safe to pass under it only between the red arrows.


Avoid busy shipping lanes

Busy shipping lanes - take care

Busy shipping lanes can be hazardous. Its important to take extra care in busy areas or where the waters are tidal.

Keep the speed down

Navigate the bridge slowely

You should avoid having people on deck is you are passing under a bridge. If you really need people on deck make sure they are wearing life jackets you should never use a part of your body to protect the boat

narrow bridge

Narrow Bridges

Boats travelling downstream on rivers have the right of way at bridges and narrows.